Chris How

Founder & Instructor

My name is Chris How and I am the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor at Eureka BJJ. I hold the rank of brown belt, which I received from Jamie Murray (Renegade MMA) and Ninos Dammo (AET). I now train at Absolute MMA St Kilda under Lachlan Giles.

I want to tell you about myself so you can have a clear and honest picture of who you will be training with. I hope that you can relate and be inspired to try BJJ. 

I started BJJ in 2011 and it has been my passion ever since.

You’ve heard of those athletic individuals who are amazing at jiu-jitsu as soon as they start and within weeks start beating the other white belts? Well, I was that other white belt. Somehow, I persevered and 9 years later, I’m still passionate about it.

To me, one of the main appeals of BJJ is that it’s a strategic and intellectual game as much as it is physical. The opportunities to learn and innovate are endless. 

With BJJ, you will also find a community, camaraderie and lifestyle that sometimes becomes more than just a by-product of being a practitioner of the art. 

I don’t claim to hold world titles, but I have won a few state and pan pacific masters division golds along the way. I will endeavour to keep learning and improving not only my own jiu-jitsu, but also my teaching and coaching abilities to be the best instructor I can be.

Brown belt since 2018.
Passionate about teaching BJJ.
Continuously learning the art and striving to get better at teaching it.
Come train with us, we’ll learn some cool stuff!
I will do my best to make each and every class fun and engaging and full of those light-bulb moments.
1 x Pan Pacific Championship Gold (Masters 1 Purple belt Division)
2 x Victorian Championship Gold (Masters 1 Purple belt Division)

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