Our values

At Eureka BJJ, we value:

  • A safe, friendly and welcoming environment. We are committed to make training and learning BJJ as enjoyable and engaging as possible, removing the intimidating aspects of martial arts and reducing risks of injuries.
  • We value humility and transparency from the coaches and students.
  • Our style of instruction is one that is practical and strongly based on concepts and principles. Our coaches are passionate about teaching as much as they are about learning, staying up-to-date and evolving with the ever changing BJJ scene.
  • We will always encourage you to have an open mind and to take ownership of your BJJ journey. At Eureka, we encourage online research and study, troubleshooting and exchanging ideas with your peers and also cross training at other academies.

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View our club guidelines here to read our code of conduct, hygiene and safety guidelines.

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